Lectures are informative and educational sessions led by experts, scholars, and professionals in the field of learning disabilities. These presentations offer a structured and in-depth exploration of critical topics related to learning disabilities, providing attendees with valuable insights, research findings, and evidence-based strategies. During these lectures, participants have the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the latest developments in the field, learn about best practices in education, advocacy, and support for individuals with learning disabilities, and engage with leading experts who share their knowledge and expertise.

Table Talks

A “Table Talk” is an interactive and engaging forum for conference attendees to connect, share experiences, and engage in candid conversations about various aspects of learning disabilities. Attendees will meet for a 1-hour session consisting of three rotations for approximately 20 minutes with 4-6 presenter presentation options available. Table Talks provide an informal and intimate setting where experts, educators, parents, and individuals with learning disabilities gather around a table to discuss specific topics of interest.

Poster Sessions

A poster session is ainteractive platform where researchers, educators, and advocates come together to showcase their innovative work and insights related to learning disabilities. Participants present their findings, strategies, and solutions on visually engaging posters that provide a concise overview of their research or educational projects. These sessions encourage meaningful discussions, networking, and knowledge exchange among attendees.